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Long Term Care
In 2007, moved by her mother's battle with lung cancer and the financial strain she experienced, Pharmacy Technician Robin Thomas started Pennies With Purpose.  What started as a change jar on the counter of her office in 2007 has become approximately $35,000 in assistance to cancer patients each year.  With the support and generosity of volunteers and donations, our not for profit, philanthropic 501c3 organization is able to fulfill it's mission to ease the financial burdens that cancer patients face each day. 

Pennies with Purpose

It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make sure our charity is reaching out to as many cancer patients in our clinic as we can, so patients have access to our financial assistance. We're fortunate to have some of the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.

Robin Thomas, Founder and President
Tuova Williams, Vice President
Dr. Crain Garrot, Spokesperson
Samantha Williams, Secretary
Pauline Coke-Scott, Treasurer
Joseph Wasser, Marketing
Kristen Rosales, Website